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Gaur Ayurveda treatment and research center has been serving the area since 1959. Currently the treatment center is run by Dr. Rajesh Sharma and Dr. Anubhuti Sharma. The duo has been awarded several times for their work in the field of health improvement.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma has treated more than 30000 patient with different type of problems including chronic problems with the help of ayurveda only.

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Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the way of healthy living which was discovered thousand of years ago and still is preferred health care system for millions of people.
Ayurveda aims at elimination of root cause of any disease with the help of natural herds.
Ayurveda is a natural science of health, concentrating on keeping up an emotionally and physically appropriate status. Ayurveda relies upon the guidelines of three doshas also called tri-doshas or biological humors - Vata, Pita , Cough

Who is healthy in terms of Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda one is in good health when our inner and internal environment is in balance:

• The Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha (vital humors) are in balance.
• Agni (the digestive fire) is balanced.
• Dhatus (the 7 body tissues) are functioning normally
• Mala (the waste products) are produced and eliminated normally.
• The Mana, Indriya and Atma (mind, senses and consciousness) are working in blissful harmony.

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What does Gaur Ayurveda do?

Gaur Ayurveda follows the principles of Ayurveda to treat a heath problem that too in a natural way. 

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